First Weigh In – January 7, 2013

So today was my first weigh-in. Despite my over-indulgence on soft foods (see: dental issues), and a birthday dinner out for my sister in law last night at Carraba’s, I documented a 2.6 lb loss! Yay!! Now I know it’s not a Biggest Loser size loss, but it’s a healthy, reasonable, and realistic weekly number.

I installed the Weight Watchers barcode scanner app this morning and was impressed! I’ve used the Lose It App, and really liked the tracking ┬áinterface and barcode app. WW made it nice and simple to take the photo, quickly brought up all the product information and PointsPlus values, and then gave me an option to track it. It was blazing fast! I’m happy about this as it takes away a lot of hassle with inputing nutritional information and makes tracking a lot more achievable.

Tonight we’re making a healthy version of spaghetti and meatballs. I guess I planned all this when still on my soft food plan ;). Instead of breadcrumbs, I’m using wheat germ in my meatballs. I sure hope it turns out alright! I have tons of basil left over from a broccoli pesto I made last week, so I’ll be sure to add tons of flavor to the meatballs with my fresh basil. Also, rather than pasta, I’m making this easy cheesy spaghetti squash (sans the chicken since we have the meatballs). My spouse has class tonight (getting a master’s degree) so won’t be home until 10pm. Late dinner!

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