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Was it fair for TC to go home? Biggest Loser Recap – January 6 – Season 14, Episode 1

Do you think it was fair for Biggest Loser to hold an elimination after Nikki walked off the show? Many people are sounding out on Facebook that BL shouldn’t have had an elimination since the white team lost a member. That said, if the red team or blue team had fallen below the red line, would they want to grant the same pass to them? Unlikely. It’s sad that TC had to go home, but, at the end of the day, the Biggest Loser is a game, and this is how the game is played.

TC Biggest Loser Eliminated Episode 1Poor TC! He cried! Would he have gone home if Nikki hadn’t selfishly walked off the show because she couldn’t take the rigorous work-outs and emotional soul searching? First off, come on. What did you think you were getting yourself into by going on the Biggest Loser? Not only did she make herself out to be a quitter on national TV, but she TOOK that spot from SOMEONE who WANTED to be there. You’re kidding yourself if you think you’ve signed up for anything other than physical, nutritional, and yes – emotional – torture. Shouldn’t you have known you couldn’t handle it? So sad that she took away the dreams of two people by her own self-righteousness.

Alright, enough harshness. It’s sad that TC had to go home. Would he have been under the red line if Nikki had stayed? Who knows. While he won’t have the benefit of 24/7 dedicated workouts and personal trainers, at least he can bring home a new drive to lose weight, and can learn to do it in his normal environment – making his long term weight loss more realistic and attainable.

Biggest Loser Starts on Sunday, January 6 2013

Biggest Loser Season 14 Returns 1/6I’m very excited to see Jillian Michaels returning to the Biggest Loser. She has always been, by far, my favorite trainer and I was disappointed when she decided to leave the show. I’ve been a devoted BL fan since the 3rd season, but I simply couldn’t watch the last two seasons without Jillian. I look forward to seeing how they tackle childhood obesity, given the delicacy of the subject and having to handle the children with “kid gloves”. I don’t think I even need to say that it’s an extremely important issue in this country that needs to be dealt with YOUNG. I was an obese child, and while my mother did try to put me on a diet a few times, it was never enough. There needs to be a collaborated effort among everyone who touches a child’s life – from parents to siblings to teachers to relatives to friends parents, etc. While ultimately many would argue it’s the parents’ responsibility, it needs to be understood that the child needs a strong support system. We have made some great strides with incorporating healthy foods onto fast food menus and school lunch menus. Hopefully the momentum keeps up and we continue to see real change.